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Community ready to use ...

NEW Community ready to use ...

Your very own community platform is only a few clicks away!

We can offer you a fast and simple start with our Community-Box solution right away, hosted on our optimized servers..

Your own community environment will be setup for you within a few minutes and available for you under your desired subdomain
„[desired subdomain]“
upon first login.

In this way, you can get to know the Community-Box in its Basic or Premium version!

Do you need more ...? Then we can design an Enterprise version of the Community-Box entirely based on your individual needs!

You need help?

Your Standard-

Community-Box 3.0
Price: 0€
10 Guest-Accounts
1 Manager-Accounts
1 Month free usage.
Upgrade to Premium possible
1 Standardlayout

Your Premium-

Community-Box 3.0
Price: starting at 49,95€
per month
up to 100 User included
1 Admin-Account
unlimited Manager-Accounts
Upgrade to Enterprise possible
choose between 4 different Standardlayouts

Your Enterprise-

Community-Box 3.0
customization to match your requirements
Unlimited User Accounts
Unlimited Manager-Accounts
Unlimited Admin-Accounts
Service and Support
Layout as required

Innovation Community

Maximize engagement with external stakeholders including customer, partner, and developer communities to drive innovation. Get your profit from connecting experts with experts in your own innovation community.

Social Intranet

Take employee collaboration and communications to the next level with deep social connections that help turn thought into action.

Social CRM

Build strong brand advocates that do your selling for you. Bolster your brand affinity through deeper social engagement online.

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This is the way we do it!

Our process


To find a custom-fit solution for you, a comprehensive consultation is necessary. Here we will work together to address your needs for a community solution.

Which features do you need? Which existing systems must be integrated? Who are the key users? What must be taken into account when designing the architecture? Which infrastructure is recommended? How will the permissions management look?

We will stand by your side to answer such questions and determine the best case for you.


The needs have been identified and the requirements clarified, now comes the implementation.

Using our many years of technical expertise we will efficiently and methodically turn your wishes into reality. We take responsibility for everything from programming to project management to coordination of external services.

In a time period of one to twelve weeks the roll out will be complete and your community ready to use.


Once your system is up and running, we will show you how to make the most of it.

Whether you are a community moderator or an administrator, we can work together on "best practice" examples to make the use of your system as simple as possible.

Open Innovation

"The term open innovation describes an organization opening the innovation process and thereby actively and strategically using the outside world to expand innovative potential. The concept of open innovation describes the effective use by a business of incoming and outgoing knowledge by applying internal and external marketing channels to generate innovation."


Solutions for Community with Drupal Commons
Where social is more than a buzzword, it's part and parcel of every solution.
Building online social communities that accelerate knowledge sharing into action on the web.

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crowd-creation the makers of the Community-Box


Our Skills

We can't do everything, but because of this we are better at the things we can do.

Drupal Design


Drupal Commons




crowd sourcing

Who have we successfully advised?
See for yourself!

Companies we worked for

  • TNS Infratest
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • GfK
  • Hessischer Luftsportbund e. V.

4 years Drupal Commons

Success starting from the first hour. - a platform of trainers and coaches for trainers and coaches

    With t2t. expert a Munich-based start-up company gives trust to the community and crowd-sourcing expertise of crowd-creation GmbH.

    With the motto:

    We all win with a little give and take

    can trainer develop exercises and models share and develop them on the platform. The best exercises and models are to be published later in a book.

    The community has started in both German and English and will be available in the near future in other languages. - the research community of Mercedes-Benz in China

    After 5 successful years of being the market research community for Mercedes Benz in Germany, the existing community platform for the Chinese market has been adjusted and it is available in Germany online since March 2016.

    悠享车生活是 TNS 新华信提供的用于分享及探讨汽车相关信息的平台。

    • 在这里,您能与众多汽车爱好者和汽车研发专家互动,共同探讨现在和未来汽车市场的发展!
    • 您的想法及建议将很有可能影响未来汽车设计的发展!


    Thanks to the excellent possibilities of Drupal, creating multilingual solutions as the translation of the user interface was the smallest problem in the project. To install a web server in China behind the government firewall was a major challenge, which could be effectively achieved through the use of Docker and virtual containers.

  • Hessischer Luftsportbund e.V.

    Hessischer Luftsportbund e.V.

    Der bestehende Internetauftritt des hessischen Luftsportbundes e.V. war geprägt von vielen individuellen Auftritten der einzelnen Fachgruppen. Unterschiedliche Layouts, unterschiedliche Systeme sorgten für einen hohen und schwierigen Pflegeaufwand. Ein primäres Ziel der neugestalteten Website war es, einen einheitlichen Auftritt aller Fachgruppen unter einem Dach zu ermöglichen. Jede Fachgruppe kann nun auf der neuen Seite Ihren eigenen Bereich pflegen (Segelflieger, Motorflieger, Luftsportjugend, usw.) ohne das es Auswirkungen auf andere Fachgruppen hat.
    Natürlich ist der neue Internetauftritt auch für mobile Endgeräte optimiert, so dass Piloten auch von unterwegs per Tablet oder Handy sich beim hessischen Luftsportbund informieren können.

  • Stars Insight

    Stars Insight

    Stars Insight

    Stars Insight, the marketing research community of Mercedes Benz, has been online since early summer 2010. In December 2010, the community decided to program Drupal Commons 1.x and thus decided to integrate crowd-creation.
    In March 2011 the newly developed platform went online. It was continuously expanded and maintained and in June 2012 a mobile version was added.
    After two and a half successful years, the decision was made to upgrade Stars Insight to the new version 3.x of Drupal Commons in order to benefit from current developments and participate in new possibilities. In March 2014 the switch was completed and Stars Insight was online with a new look and new functions.

    In 2011, the community was chosen as a "Best Study" by the German Federal Association for Market and Social Research.

    Stars Insight helps address current and future needs and desires of target groups with regard to many issues relevant to products and marketing.

    "The community 'Stars Insight' is an innovative marketing research tool which mediates a deep understanding of customers. It is as fast, flexible, and versatile like almost no other marketing research tool."  (Projectmanager of TNS Infratest)

    The community was developed on behalf of TNS Infratest.
    Goal of the community: Accompaniment of the introduction of the new 2012 A-Class to market. Since 2012 a multitude of other focuses, including electromobility.

  • The food experts

    The food experts

    One platform with seven languages and seven countries!

    With the founding of "The Food Experts" in the summer of 2013, the first market research community based on Drupal Commons 3.x went online.

    Sie verstehen nur "chinesisch"? Dann liegt es wohl daran dass die Community für China, Thailand, Indonesien, Brasilien, USA, Türkei und Deutschland programmiert worden ist.
    Das umgesetzte Ziel war es eine Community-Plattform zu erhalten, in der jedes Land für sich unabhängig agieren und moderieren kann, die Verwaltung des Systems aber zentral erfolgt.

    Do you only understand Chinese? Then it's probably because the community was programmed for China, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, the USA, Turkey, and Germany. The new goal was to maintain a community platform in which every country can independently operate and moderate content but where the management systems are implemented centrally. Along with the many technical challenges, the user interface of the community had to be available in all of the languages and translations were introduced accordingly. This is no small task for someone who cannot read most of the languages and for whom even the characters are unknown.

    TNS InfratestThe community was developed on behalf of TNS Infratest.
    Goal of the community: To test and develop new ideas in the field of system catering.

  • Elektrische Mobilität

    Elektrische Mobilität

    Electric mobility - the market research community from Smart and Mercedes-Benz

    In the spring of 2012 the "Stars Insight" community was expanded to form a special community with the theme of "electromobility".
    As an independent community with all the features from Stars Insight, drivers of electric cars can exchange ideas related to electric power systems.

    The "Electric Community" helps address current and future needs and desires of target groups with regard to many issues relevant to products and marketing.

    TNS InfratestThe community was developed on behalf of TNS Infratest.
    Goal of the community: To discuss all themes relating to electromobility.


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