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crowd-creation empowers to use intelligence of the crowd

Drupal Commons 3.0

Build internal and external communities that weave content-rich, social experiences into the fabric of your business.

New Drupal Commons Features

Follow content and get notified fast

Follow community members, topics, groups and discussions. Track updates via activity stream that match interests, or get email notifications.

Group information exchange

Enable community members to join existing groups, or create their own. Follow or post content into open groups. Quickly find content and participate in community, without additional page loads.

Trending relevant content weeds out the noise

Our “active content” system lets community members engage with popular content, based on comments, likes, and views, without manual moderation by community managers.

Community Box 2.0

Version 2.0 of the „Community out of the box“

The new features at a glance:

  • Responsive Design: experience the community on all devices, from your desktop to your smartphones
  • your personal status-stream, similar to the functionality of Facebook in order to inform the participants
  • Questions and Answers as new feature to collect quickly the opinion of your members

It is about one year ago that we released our "community out of the box". An entire community platform based on Drupal and Commons. For a successful operation of your community, we added a German translation and enhancements that we deemed necessary.

Innodrop - Your own competition platform

Open innovation, the opportunity to benefit from external knowledge for company-own innovations, generally means that an enterprise must extend its research and development efforts beyond corporate boundaries.

Many companies would like to use ideas competitions to find solutions but meet with internal resistance. Attitudes such as "NIH -  Not invented here" block the adoption of ideas of external origin.

However, even within enterprises, ideas competitions afford an opportunity to identify new talents that would go unrecognized if there were no such platform. The result is a win situation for both the employer and the employees. Employees are given the opportunity to perform a task that matches their skills, talents and passion, and the employer finds the perfect candidate to complete the task effectively.

Innodrop, the platform

Develop new design, product and service ideas effectively.